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Power Rates

GST Inclusive

Low User / Residential $-.--
Medium user / Residential $-.--
High User / Indusrial $-.--
Private Grid tied – Solar - Buy $0.0900
Community - Solar - Buy $0.1500
Community - Solar - Sell* $0.2875
Off Grid - Solar - Sell** $0.4025

Product Features

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Community solar
+You are still connected to the grid
+Higher than normal market return on kWh produced
+Company hosting solar panels gets cheaper kWh rate from solar
+No gear needed to be installed on your home
+Higher system efficiency
+Faster Return on Investment
+Reduced cost of setup

-You don't see a direct impact on your kWh used on your house
-You don't get to see your investment on your roof

*Note: you need to have your Power, phone, and Internet connected with Yrless to use this product

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