17 October 2019 - Mt Stewart tower is off line. We have had our cabinet broken into and the batteries stolen. We have a technician on his way now with batteries to get it going. If you know anything about this could you please contact the Balclutha Police.

15 October 2019 9:30am - VoIP service rebooted as some customers where not connecting to the controller since late yesterday afternoon. - Resolved

5 October 2019 11:00 - Power outage to North Chatton area currently, expect the wireless gear to run out of battery soon. This will affect, Otama Valley, Waimeai, GlenIsla and those of the Gardyne Tower - Resolved 12:10 with power restored by powernet

3 October 2019 Update 6:00 - A temporary wireless link was established last night to allow minimal data traffic. Staff will be going back to site today to try realign the antenna once the wind and rain allows them to climb the tower. - Resolved

2 October 2019 17:45 - Wind damage on Kaka Point hill tower. No internet to people off the nuggets or Kaka point hill.

1 Oct 2019 22:01 - Some NZ sites are not displaying correctly. Something has happened up country with our upstream provider they are looking into it. - Resolved 22:35.

26 Sep 2019 07:00 - Snow is affecting parts of our network degrading some links.

29 Aug 2019 08:15 - Our upstream VoIP provider 2talk is having voice quality issues. They are working on this to resolve it.

12 Aug 2019 07:71 - Fibre cut is still being repaired. Located just south of Dunedin in the Rail Corridor. Chorus expect this to be fixed by 4pm this afternoon.

12 Aug 2019 06:00 - There are power issues on collies and Kaihiku towers. Affecting Roys and One Tree Hill towers. Workers are going to site to investigate.

11 Aug 2019 16:44 - There is a fibre cut north of Balclutha this is affecting all services in and around South Otago including other service providers.