Answers to your questions may be found below, or you can call our helpdesk 0508 YRLESS (0508 975 377) to report faults or request assistance. If you have tried the solutions below and still have no internet please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll log a job for someone to look into it for you.

It may be that the technician can sort your problem without a visit via ScreenConnect..

How do I check my data usage? 

To check your WiFi or RBI data use go to the account login page - if you are a WiFi customer please contact the help desk for your password.

My internet is not working at home.  

At times there may be a problem which may affect your internet connection. There can be many causes as to why your connection is not working but please try these fixes first.

  • If you are on one of our WiFi plans: Turn off the power to both the router (usually a TP-Link) and the power supply (small black rectangular box with white LED light) and leave it off for 10 seconds before powering both back on. We refer to this as power cycling. The gear will take a minute to start up and up to 5 minutes to reconnect to the network, and you should hopefully be back up and surfing.
  • If you are on one of our RBI plans: Turn off the power to the RBI router (usually a Huawei) and leave it off for 10 seconds before powering it back on. You should see the symbol to the left of the power symbol light up blue when it has connected successfully to a tower.  
  • If you are on one of our ADSL plans: Turn off the power to the router and leave it off for 10 seconds before powering it back on. Within a couple of minutes you should be back up and surfing.

One of the main problems we have is people unplugging cables and not putting them back in the right place, or hitting reset buttons on gear.  Resetting stuff wipes its memory and we have to come out and reprogramme it.

What should I do during a storm?

If there is a storm with lightning, please disconnect your electrical gear from the sockets. Wireless gear is extremely sensitive to electrical storms and power surges. If you get power brownouts (lights dimming in and out) it will cause the antenna on the roof to reset. If you have bad power we recommend that you get an UPS to smooth the power supply out and provide some protection for your sensitive electronics like TV's and computers.

 Why can't I send big e-mails?  

Email servers limit attachments to a maximum of 10MB. Larger files are no longer supported by computer operating systems such as Windows 10 and you are required to use Dropbox or Sendbigfiles as an alternative.

 Windows Live Mail

Due to the number of issues clients have with this emailing programme we strongly recommend it NOT be used. We do recommend Mozilla Thunderbird.
Any support by us for Windows Live Mail will be limited.
See here for more information. email security for Mozilla Thunderbird

During your initial setup the box below may may appear on your screen in mozilla Thunderbird.

Continue with the newer certificate simply by clicking on "Confirm Security Exception" which will add the new certificate to the trusted list.  This allows e-mail data using this method to be encrypted between the mail server and your PC.  You may be asked to do this a few times before the new certificates are accepted.

Email security

How did I get a Trojan?

Trojans, a type of Malware,  can't spread by themselves, which means you either downloaded it, thinking it was something else, or another malware downloaded and installed it onto your PC.

How can I tell if my PC is infected with a Malware?

Most malware tries to stay hidden, so you may not be able to tell.

Some of the more common symptoms include:

  • Your PC takes a long time to start up.

  • It takes a while to start an app or change between apps.

  • You get a lot of "delivery failed" messages that say you tried to send an email.

  • You notice unusual icons on your desktop or in the notification area on the taskbar.

  • Your web browser doesn’t go to the site you tell it to, has a different start page, opens new windows, or has new toolbars and shortcuts.

  • You get lots of error messages popping up.

How can I protect my computer from Malware?

Security or antivirus software will protect you from most malware, unless you are tricked into opening something which will load a Trojan - run your security software regularly.  Talk to your computer support re which antivirus to install.

 A website I used to get to now won't work. Why?  

It's possible that the website itself may be down or somewhere between us and the big world wide web has an issue. Digital Highways can be like motorways at times and have the odd crash or congestion meaning some stuff is really bogged down for a little bit. Although the Digital Highways are massive, sometimes the 'last mile' can be affected.

Where is my Wireless Password for WiFi at home?   

This is usually written on/under the modem/router in your house - usually a TP-Link device.

Why can't I have unlimited data on a WiFi connection? 

Many customers share the signal from wireless towers. If one customer has an unlimited connection, other customers may notice a drop-off in service. 

How much data do I use livestreaming a movie?

The average movie will use 4GB of data.

How many devices can I connect? 

You can connect as many devices (e.g. computers, tablets, laptops, smartphones) as you want to your TP Link router.  Certain devices may use technologies that will affect the speed.  An older device will have a slower processor than a new device and will affect the speed of that device.  The more devices connected at the same time the slower each device will run.

GB & Mbps explained: 

GB is the size of the water tank.  The more GB you have the longer it takes to run out. Mbps is like the size of the pipe - the larger the pipe the more water (data per second) you can move

Going away on holiday for a month or longer?

If you are a WiFi client give us a call and we can turn your internet off for that period so you don't have a charge for something you don't use.

Why has my RBI slowed down?

Some RBI towers are over populated with connections, and if everyone tries to connect at the same time, some connections are going to be very slow.  This will be improved as the towers are updated. YrlessPlus has no control over the number of RBI users attached to a tower.