Land Line

We offer a phone solution through the internet called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Monthly Prices

GST Inclusive

Basic $17.25
Basic - 2 lines $29.90
Family $34.50
Business $57.50

Product Features

- Calls from Yrless VoIP to Yrless VoIP are free.
- Not affected by electric fences.
- Can link your remote offices on one line
- CallerID, Followme, Ring Groups

- Calls to cellphones & international numbers will incur additional charges.

- Mobile phone support.
With the use of an App you can get your home phone over your smartphone meaning one less digital item cluttering your house.

- Basic: 2000 minutes for local calls and 250 minutes for national calls
- Family: 4000 minutes for local calls and 1000 minutes for national calls
- Business: increases the national calls to 3000 minutes and adds 50 minutes NZ mobile calling
- Extra phone line $12.65 per month

Interested? Get in touch and we can hook you up.