Please check below for the correct settings to access your email from your preferred email client.

E-Mail setup:

If you use a more recent e-mail program (NOT Windows Live Mail PLEASE), then simply typing in your username and password should automatically set up your e-mail account for you.
Your username will be your e-mail address.

Manual settings are:




Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server
POP Server Port 110
IMAP Server Port 143 (TLS)
SMTP Server Port 587 (TLS) Authentication Required

E-Mail setup:

If you are a Windows Live Mail user, please look at the likes of Mozilla Thunderbird instead.

POPIncoming mail server
Incoming server port 110
Outgoing SMTP server
Outgoing server port 465
Outgoing SMTP server requires authentication Yes
Outgoing server encryption SSL accept all certificates

IMAPIncoming mail server
Incoming server port 143
Outgoing mail server
Outgoing server port 587
Connection security TLS (accept all certificates)
Authentication method Normal password
  • Mac mail programs and some others may ask for a type of password for SSL or TLS, please use "Password" or "Normal Password" which is usually the default.
  • You may also get a security warning which you will need to accept to use our system.