The internet can be a wonderful thing. Unfortunately it’s also a platform of risk when abused.
With Phishing, Spam and Ransomware being just a few nasties that lurk around, a compromised customers computer on our network means that their e-mail address list becomes another pool of potential victims.

We here at Yrless take not only our own networks security seriously, but also our customers.
No Internet Provider can be 100% effective at this. It also relies on good AntiVirus protection on your computer and common sense. Some systems do have basic security, however advanced products such as ESET, Norton/Symantec and Trend Micro to name a few do further reduce risk and help protect you from other nasties lurking out there.

This might mean some content you are trying to access is blocked - mostly for the right reasons.

If you do have concerns about not being able to access some data, please contact our helpdesk and let us know.