DSL uses the copper phone line, but you need to be within 1.2 km of the exchange or cabinet to get the maximum speeds. VDSL typical speeds are 30Mbps. ADSL typical speeds are 12Mbps

The modem for VDSL services is $253 unless you supply your own.

VDSL service is “naked” meaning you don’t have a landline phone.

VDSL Monthly Pricelist

GST Inclusive

Unlimited Unlimited $ 85.00

Product Features

Icon Multiple Devices

VDSL can support more devices connected via your wireless router, at the same time. Ideal for streaming TV on demand or watching movies.


VDSL can run multiple VoIP connections at the same time.

Icon Building Link

If you need a link to a dairy shed or a second house, we will make that link with a WiFi connection.

Interested? Get in touch and we can hook you up.