We always have something new on the go and plenty of news to share so come back often to catch the latest from the team at YrlessPlus.

 We have just upgraded our security certificate within the international community of email providers.  Even though our new certificate is for a higher level of security some companies may see it as invalid and ask you to  Confirm Security Exceptions for their email software.

Recently we opened the pipes to allow faster connections via WiFi.  As a result all video content is downloading in high resolution, which is using more data.  If you livestream and play games, be aware you will be using more data now than in the past, for the same activities.

Now is the time, as students return home for the holidays or family come to visit, that we notice a jump in data use.  Rather than run out of data at an important/inconvenient time please ring us to increase your data use now.

 We have some upgrades planned for sites to increase power capacity and the through-put on the backhauls that feed them.

Have you met Sean, our new technician based out of Gore?  Sean is also a volunteer fireman.