Fibre is the fastest option, but it is not available in many parts of our region as yet. Internet access is provided through fibre optic cable, at speeds of 100mbps or more.

Fibre service is "Naked" meaning you don't have a landline phone.

Contact us to find out if you can receive fibre yet.  If you know that you  can't, contact us to tell us that you'd like fibre, and we'll see what we can do!

* The Fibre 50/10 Residential Plan is only available in Chorus UFB areas and not available to businesses.


Fibre Monthly Pricelist

GST Inclusive

Fibre 50/10 Residential* Unlimited $59.00
Fibre 300/100 Residential Unlimited $85.00
Fibre MAX/500 - Residential Unlimited $95.00
Fibre 50/10 Business Unlimited $70.00
Fibre MAX/500 - Business Unlimited $105.00
Dark Fibre Unlimited PoA

Product Features

Icon Speed

Fibre is extremely fast and reliable. Speeds can be up to 100MBps, far faster than any other option. The signal doesn't degrade depending on how far you live from the exchange.

Icon UPS

It is advisable to have an UPS if you have a fibre connection.


A VoiP connection takes care of your phone needs.

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Yrless can lay its own pipe & fibre to your house or business in the rural area.

Interested? Get in touch and we can hook you up.