Whether it's for home or business, Yrless has something for everyone....


Your 100% locally owned ISP

Yrless is proudly locally owned and operated in New Zealand. We offer a range of services from Fibre, wireless, cellphone to sercurity cameras.





We are dedicated to providing world-class internet to homes and businesses, from the city to the farm... and everywhere in-between.

Rural broadband shouldn’t be this difficult...

Historically access to fast, reliable, affordable broadband hasn't been a given when you live a bit off the beaten track...but that’s not the case with YrlessPlus.  Our goal is to change the expectations of our customers by going the extra mile to meet their needs.

We aim to forever change the way our region accesses and uses the internet.  With a local team on the ground and a dedication to increasing rural connectivity, YrlessPlus is your go-to  internet provider. 

(And on the plus-side, we’re fully equipped with 4WDs. No tractor back-up required!)

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