RBI (Rural Broadband Initiative) internet is supplied via the same towers that provide mobile phone coverage. Internet speed can be up to 40mbps.

If you can receive a mobile phone signal at your place, you should be able to get RBI or FWA. We will need to install a special router to receive the signal and send it on to your devices. 

Signal and address checks may dictate availability and types of plans available


RBI Monthly Pricelist

GST Inclusive

Essential 60GB $ 92.00
Family 120GB $ 115.00
Business 200GB $ 184.00
Extra Data 5GB $ 11.50

Product Features

Icon Aerial

Sometimes the addition of an aerial on your roof can make all the difference in getting a connection, or not.

Icon More Data

An enhanced plan can give you more data

Icon Add Ons

There are add-ons for greater speed, more data and landline phone.

Interested? Get in touch and we can hook you up.